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  • Why use Renttitude?

Listing is Free

Renttitude doesn’t charge listing fees, only when transactions happen a small service fees go to us to make sure we keep the service running and buy food.

You are in charge

You share your things when you want and to whoever you want, you can check reviews of people requesting your things and make a decision.

Make and save Money

Life is getting expensive everyday, extra income would add a smile to your face, if you own an item worth 2,000AED you can make around 10,000 a year if you rent it 5days each month, you also must think twice before paying a fortune for something you will use once or twice, borrow it on Renttitude and save your money.

You are Secured

On Renttitude you are safe, all users have to be verified with our 2 stage verification method to make sure we have a safe community for us all, no one will request your item unless he uploads his ID and photo of himself holding the ID, in addition to phone & email verification.

You are insured

Your belongness are also insured, with every transaction we take a small fee against insurance policy to give you peace of mind, please refer to our insurance policy in the FAQs.

Save our earth

Sharing also benefits the environment. By opting to borrow, not buy, you’re putting the brakes on unnecessary mass-manufacturing and carbon-intensive distribution systems. It is the responsible choice.