About Us

Many people who decided to adopt sharing practices consider their choices as being ‘better for the environment’, whilst others consider it as pocket friendly in times of scarcity, to share resources and assets means to collaborate for more sustainable ways of living

Thus we at Renttitude decided to sell you a better future!

Renttitude is an innovative Peer 2 Peer renting platform established in 2017 by S A M Portal LLC managed by innovative and agile entrepreneurs to build a trustable and transparent sharing ecosystem to encourage collaborative consumption and environmental conservation.

Our vision is to

Decreasing environmental concerns of consumers leading towards limitations of waste of resources and over-consumption and to provide safe environment to rent your stuff and greater to earn money, thus we encourage people to establish mini rental business starting with their personal underutilized stuff.

Our mission

Letting individuals and groups to make money from underused assets by connecting renters and borrowers together in a secured and cost effective environment and prove all stakeholders with intermediary guarantee to secure the due payments and the safety of your assets in another meaning Renttitude makes it very simple to share resources, as matching becomes easier and trust problem is less severe

Our core philosophy

Better use of your things

Renttitute is disrupting the sharing economy by helping our customers to rent rather than to buy via simple payments and collections processes using different means of payments, and supported by a secured and friendly Mobile app.

Meet people and make friends

The lack of trust between people who don’t know each other is also a major constraint of the offline sharing economy as no intermediary to guarantee the due payment or the safety of goods. At Renttitude we build trust.

Save time and money

The most popularly perceived benefit of sharing is saving, this is particularly crucial in times of economic crisis, in which people lose purchasing power and at the same time, gain increasing awareness about purchasing decisions

Save our earth

Renttitude creates a form of cost-certainty (not to mention cost reduction) for products, as well as a decrease in demand for added production. This decrease alleviates pressure on natural resources, which of course is a boon to the environment.